30 June, 2013

T-minus 3 days.

Middle Earth, here I come!

This Tuesday night, I will be set apart as a missionary by President Monson himself.
I mean STAKE President Monson... but he is the Prophet's son, so it still counts for cool points.

Wednesday Morning I'll take my last gulps of Diet Coke and freedom before I enter the MTC at 1.

At which point OPERATION: SISTER KATIE PIE will commence. Let the adventure begin!

I was originally supposed to go the MTC in New Zealand on Thursday, but due to a series of mishaps with various government agencies (*cough* postofficesaretheworst) and a fair amount of procrastination on my part, my visa has not yet arrived, so I'll be going to Provo for training and then I'll be reassigned to a temporary mission somewhere in the US while I wait for my paperwork to sort itself out.

So basically, I get two mission calls. Hooray!

I sure am a lucky girl because all of my siblings (two of whom are coming in from California), and my mom who came and went and came back again from Alaska are all going to be there to see me off for the (2-minute) drop-off at the MTC.

Leaving is pretty rough, actually. Let's be honest, many a tear has been shed over various last-minute affairs and how very un-ready I feel. And over how gross "sturdy" flats are. But all will be well. :) As scared as I am and as hard I know things will be sometimes, I also know for a fact that the good will outweigh the scary and that I will be able to be an effective missionary if I keep my head on straight and my heart in the right place.

I can still remember how stunned I was when I opened my mission call, because at that point I think I had honestly forgotten that New Zealand was a place, in the midst of all of my expectations about going somewhere I'd already lived (which is not a short list). And then slowly I felt more and more peace about it until I knew I'd been assigned there for a reason and I was so excited - but I had a little over 4 months to wait.

Now I have less than four days... I have felt a fair amount of opposition and had my trials of faith regarding my decision, along with some very good reasons to put it off or to reconsider, but I know that the Lord needs missionaries and this is how I want to serve Him. So I'll go. :)

I'm so excited to have this opportunity to serve the Lord by serving Heavenly Father's children and bringing them the message of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ that has brought me and my family so much joy. I am so honored to serve amongst this wave of younger missionaries who have decided to serve missions as a result of President Monson's annoucnement regarding missionary ages and I know it's an incredible time to be able to serve in. I know the Lord will consecrate my efforts and make a missionary of me as I pour my heart, might, and strength into the work.

While I'm gone, I'm going to have my sister April be the blogger and the facebooker in my behalf, so stay tuned for weekly e-mails and pictures. And don't forget about me. :)


Sister Holloman.

p.s. I only get one day a week to write/email people, but I'm allowed to email everyone, and will be sending a longer group email every week which'll be posted here, so don't be shy - missionaries love letters!